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MDcare®MD100 High Temperature Sealing Test Paper

Features: Seal Test MD100designed to check sealing effect of me...

Product Information:


Seal Test MD100 designed to check sealing effect of medical heat sealers. You may follow the below steps:

*With the dark area facing to film, Seal Test should be placed between the film and the paper of pouch

* Seal the pouch and the dark area of Seal Test, let the sealer leave pressing tracks on the film.

*You may see the film stuck on the dark area of Seal Test.

* At last, you may evaluate the sealing temperature and compressing force by reading the tracks on the film.

* Keep this pouch with Seal Test as a daily record.

* A routine check-up of every day for the sealers is strongly recommended.

*MD100 is used for steam sterilization pouches, test temperature 180℃.