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MDcare® MD880V Medical Continuous Sealer with Printer

Features: *Stainless steel cover, 5.7” touch screenwith handwrit...

Product Information:


* Stainless steel cover, 5.7” touch screen with handwriting or screen keyboard to input data;

* English or Chinese printing, capable of printing 7 parameters, and also capable of selecting/canceling single or multiple item printing.

* It can print sterilization date, expiry date, package name, section name, lot number, operator’s name and CE mark. EN980 standard codes are available and all data are kept in memory. 

* Validatable: Six sealing parameters can be monitored and tested, such as test date, temperature, sealing pressure, speed, staff and machine number.

* Temperatures, dates and lot numbers are capable of being set and adjusted. Lot number can be used as autoclave number and cycle number;

* 4 levels of fonts can be selected with 3 levels of adjustable word space and starting point, single-line printing at the minimum line length of 65mm when 7 parameters are all printed;

* Printing functions can be paused, while the sealing function remains;

* Total sealing width: 12mm, with four sealing tracks;

* Sealing speed: 10m/minute;

* The temperature setting ranges from 30℃ to 230℃. 120℃ and 180℃ are already separately set and easily be selected. The temperature difference is ≤1%;

* Built-in automatic timing, calendars and safe temperature controllers;

* Automatically regulating the sealing pressure meets different thickness of pouches;

* Feeding depths can be adjustable to limit the rim between 0 and 35mm;

*Feeding can be automatically started, and a power saving standby mode is automatically switched on when there is no more feeding between 30-240 minutes by a preset timer;

* The ribbon is changed in front of machine;

* Built-in dot matrix printer;

* Data management1000 bag names, 100 department names and 100 staff names can be saved in memory. The saved data between sealer and PC can be imported or exported from each other; 

* Multiple protection: Standby alarm, abnormal pressure alarm and over heating alarm;

* Compliance with ISO11607 standard;

* Voltage:220v,50Hz or 110v,400w;

* Dimension:610*290*240mm;

* Weight:22.5kg. 

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