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MDcare® MD860V Medical Continuous Sealer with Printer

Features: * It can print 6 items, sterilization date, expiry date, ...

Product Information:


* It can print 6 items, sterilization date, expiry date, bag name, autoclave number, cycle number and personal number.

* The temperature and date are available to set and adjust.

* Three fonts and three intervals of wording can be selected with one line print-out. Six items can be printed with minimum line length 65mm.

Printing function can be paused while only sealing function remains.

* Vallidatable and PC linkable:Six sealing parameters can be montiored,tested and printed out,such as test date,temperature,sealing pressure,speed,staff and machine number.

Sealing width: 12mm.

Sealing speed: 10m/munite.

Working temperature: 30℃-230℃. Difference of temperature:≤1%.

Internal timer, internal calendar and safety thermoprogrammer are installed.

Automatic adjustment of sealing pressure fits to thickness range of the pouches.

Adjustable depth of feeding.

Automatically starts while feeding. Heat keeping for the next feeding can be adjusted within 120 minutes before turning to stand-by to save power.

 Install the cassette of ink ribbon in front of the cover.

 Internal matrix printer.

* Power: 400W, 220V or 110V,50/60Hz. 

Size: 610*290*240mm

Weight: 22.45Kg.

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