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Continuous Sealer with Printer MD880V3

Stainless steel cover , 7" color touch screen and ICON navigation. English, Spanish and Chinese are available;

Product Information:

Stainless steel cover , 7" color touch screen and ICON navigation. English, Spanish and Chinese are available;                                        

l The built-in printer can print 9 parameters: sterilization date, expiration date, bag name, department, operator, sterilizer number and its sequence number, batch number, customized content and certificated mark. Disinfection date/production date and effective date until are optional for the date setting.  

Validatable: Real-time monitoring and printing 7 items of sealing performance, test date, time, temperature, pressure, speed, operator and machine number;

Different languages, font sizes, kerning and print items for printing are optional;

l USB port is available. Able to be upgraded to connect with scanner, label printer and Tracing System: To import and export data each other by using USB disk; Quick selection of data entry and query by using scanner; To print a number of parameters, sterilization date, expiration date, bag name, department, operator, sterilizer number and its sequence, hospital name, barcode, on labels by using external label printer; To share the database in CSSD Tracing System of Sterilized Bag V6.0 by connecting with external LAN;

Bulk data storage and automatically generated multiple reports allow to query, trace as well as count the work;

Different temperature, date and standby time are optional;

Sealing speed: 10 ±0.1 m/min ;

Sealing temperature: 30—230 ℃; Temperature control accuracy: ≤ 1 %;  

Total sealing width: three sealing tracks, totally 12 mm;

Adjustable feeding depth to limit the unsealed brim at 0-30 mm;

The ink ribbon replaced in front of the machine;

Automatic alarm functionautomatic shutdown in the case of alarms such as running abnormality, temperature abnormality, pressure abnormality;

Compliance with ISO11607 Standards;  

Voltage: 220V, 50Hz or 110V, 400W;

Dimension: 610*290*240mm (L*W*H);

Weight: 22.5kg