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Cut-Seal-Print Complexer
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MDcare® MD386 /MD386B 31'' L Intellectual Cut -Seal-Print Complexer Sealer

Important Instructions: The MD386 cutting and sealing integrated ...

Product Information:

Important Instructions:

The MD386 cutting and sealing integrated sealing machine is a rotary sealing machine controlled by a fully intelligent microcomputer controller that integrates cutting, sealing and printing. The sealer meets the verification requirements of the DIN 58953-7, DIN EN ISO 11607-2 and DGSV2 guidelines.


*Intelligent identification, intelligent networking, powerful functions, small size, light weight, continuous cutting and sealing printing, also can be single-cut, single-sealed, it is a highly efficient and preferred product in the new era;

*Six printing and sealing parameters can be intelligently real-time monitored: test date, temperature, pressure, speed, operator and machine number.

*External printer can print 9 parameters of label contents, one-dimension bar code, two-dimension bar code;

*Share the database of CSSD traceability management system V6.0 in the external LAN;

*The external scanner can quickly select data entry and query; the cutting and sealing machine and the U disk can import and export data from each other; comply with work report and work count of the CSSD traceability management system.

Techincal parameters:

*cut-seal-print speed:10±0.1m/min;

*single cutting speed:10±0.1m/min;

*cutting width :≤420mm;

*cutting length:5—1000cm;cutting accuracy:≤ 1 %;

*single sealed speed :10±0.1m/min;

*sealed temperature:30—230℃;temperature control accuracy:≤ 1 %; 

*sealed width:12mm;

*intelligently alarm:Automatic shutdown of alarms such as abnormal temperature, abnormal pressure, abnormal *cutting, etc ;

*comply with ISO11607standard;

*voltage220V,50Hz or 110V,400W;    


*weight:40 kg;


This cut-seal-integrated sealer is used for packaging materials in sealed bags and rolls (SBS1);

* Paper-plastic bags and rolls specified in European standards EN868-5 and EN ISO11607-1*.

* Paper-plastic bags specified in EN868-4*

* High-density polyethylene synthetic material (eg: TyveK, 1059B, 1073B and 2FS).

* The same applies to the hemming material.

According to the requirements of DIN58953-7, it is necessary to verify whether the sealing temperature is suitable or not. The sealing ability of the sealing machine depends on the characteristics of the sealing material used.

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