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Packing Tape without Indicatior

Features: *Performance: This product is mainly used in the hospi...

Product Information:


*Performance: This product is mainly used in the hospital supply room for cross-type dressing the sterilization bag, and the bag is generally used for packing surgical instruments. Each package is expected to consume 1 meter of tape on which you may write the sterilization date and time, expire date, sterilizer number and processing lot number, etc. with a ballpoint pen.


*Main ingredients: The basic material of the product is pure wood pulp, which is non-toxic and non-irritating, and has good air permeability, good flexibility, easy to unwind, easy to operate;


*Scope of application: It is suitable for packing sterilization bag in cross-type or other packing way.


*Usage method: When wrapping the medical instruments, take the tape by hand to seal the bag in one circle vertically and another circle horizontally to form a cross-type, and then process the bag in an sterilizer according to CSSD rules.


*Note: If you find that the product is not sticky, do not use it, please contact the manufacturer or distributor.


*Storage conditions: It should be stored in a dry and cool place with room temperature (23±2) and relative humidity (65±5)%, avoiding sunlight, fluorescent lamps and ultraviolet disinfection lamps, and avoiding acid and alkaline environments.


*Expiration Date: 24 months when stored under compliant conditions.

*Specification: 18mm*13Y,18mm*50m,19mmX50m and other specifications

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