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Binding Tape with Chemical Indicator of Steam Sterilization

Features: This product is a chemical indicator tape specially used...

Product Information:


This product is a chemical indicator tape specially used for pressure steam sterilization. The oblique stripes contain special dyes. When certain sterilization conditions are reached at 121℃, 20 minutes; 132℃,
 It's about 3 minutes, the indicator on the card turns from off-white to dark brown or black. If the color change is uneven and incomplete, it can indicate that the package "does not meet the sterilization conditions". At the same time, combine the chemical indicator card and biological indicator to comprehensively measure the sterilization effect.


This product is used for out-of-package chemical testing of pressure steam sterilization to show whether the sterilization package has been sterilized. This tape can be used for various packaging materials such as cotton fabrics, non-woven fabrics, paper and paper-plastic packaging.

How To Use:

*Remove a piece of tape about 20-30cm long (or longer).

*Attach the tape to the package and use your fingers to lightly press the tape. Do not stretch the tape when wrapping, otherwise the tape will easily break.
*If 2 stages of wrapping are required for wrapping, repeat steps 1 and 2.
*After the sterilization process, cool the package as required before opening the package, and check whether the chemical stripe on the light blue backing has turned dark brown/black. If the discoloration is uneven, it can indicate that the package has not been Qualified sterilization treatment.
*Tear the tape from the package seal to open the package.

*The natural rubber contained in this product is used on cotton packaging materials that are used repeatedly, please remove the tape before cleaning.
*This product can only be used for chemical testing of pressure steam sterilization, and cannot be used for monitoring of dry heat, ethylene oxide or other low temperature sterilization.
*Store at room temperature (15°C-30°C), 50% relative humidity, away from light (including sunlight, fluorescent lamps and ultraviolet disinfection lamps) and moisture; do not coexist with polluting or toxic chemicals.
*Valid for 18 months.
*(Ethylene oxide sterilization indicator tape is also supplied.)
*The binding tape with chemical indicator of steam sterilization in autoclave is a professional product for packaging clinical devices. (Binding tape with ETO indicaor is also available).