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Symbol LS2208 One-dimensional Wired Scanner

Features: *Performance parameters *Scanner Type: Bidirectional...

Product Information:


*Performance parameters

*Scanner Type: Bidirectional
*Light source: 650 nm visible laser diode
*Scan rate: 100 scans per second typical
*Rated Working Distance: Scans from direct contact to 17 in./43 cm for 100% U.P.C./EAN patterns Normally
*Support interface: RS232, keyboard jack, Wand, IBM 468X/9X, USB, Synapse
*Voltage: 5 volts +/- 10%
*Power supply: host power supply or external power supply
*Color: Cash Register White or Micro Black
*Weight: 146 g
*Model LS2208 of Symbol is a popular device to collect the data of sterilization bags into PC with a cable.
*Appearance: Scanner volume (thickness x width x height): 8.4 x 6.3 x 15.2 cm