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Maintenance and upkeep of medical sealing machines

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Medical sealing machines are also one of the frequently used medical equipment for inspection and packaging in hospital supply rooms. How should medical sealing machines be maintained and serviced in daily use?

1. The environment where the medical sealing machine is located is clean and tidy, and the indoor temperature and humidity should be maintained within a stable range.

2. Regularly clean the surface, bottom plate, lower mold sliding plate, groove, upper mold inner pressure plate, and positioning rod of the machine. The above operations must be turned off and wait for the sealing machine to return to normal temperature before proceeding.

3. Regularly maintain the equipment, clean and inspect according to regulations, especially during seasonal changes.

4. After use, turn off the power in a timely manner, clean the desktop operation panel of the sealing machine, as well as the waste and other unnecessary things on the sealing and cutting thread, and ensure that each shift is cleaned and kept in the pre work state.