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MD385Auto Cutter

Product Information:

* Enamel baked shell.

* 3.5”Light touch LCD. English or Chinese is available for selection.

* After setting the length and amount of pouch needed to be cut, the cutter can automatically finishes the work controlled by the micro-programmer.   

* Settings: Cut Length ranges from 1-1000cm. Cut Amount ranges from 1-9999 pcs.

* Total effective cutting Width: 40cm.

* Cutting speed: 1pc./0.4sec., 9000pcs/hr.when Width 5cm, Cut Length 10cm, 6 rolls together..

* Warnings with sounds: Normal, Done, No Feeding and Jam.

* Power: 220V/50Hz. 110V/60Hz as option. 150W. Fuse: 10A.

* Size: 665*355*215 mm (W*D*H).

* Weight: 25 kg.